Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here's my latest! :)


the W. family said...

Amazing drawings!
I have a quick you trace the outline of the face first? I enjoyed watching your drawing videos awhile ago but, if I remember right, the outline was already there.
Thanks for inspiring me!

Destiny said...

I don't trace the outline. I draw a grid, and also draw a grid on the photograph, so everything will match up. But, I don't trace. I'm thinking about doing a pictorial tutorial on how I do the grid and outline, so that whoever wants to know how to do it, can :-)


the W. family said...

Thanks Destiny!
I'll have to try that. My mom has always encouraged me to draw. Since I've graduated I haven't done very much, but after looking at your drawings it makes me want to do it again!
Thanks again!